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Welcome to MINE-Lab@CityU!

The research efforts in our group include the integration of advanced fabrication methodologies and biological concepts at different scales. We focus on the design, fabrication, and use of advanced micro/nano biosystems for (1) high-throughput drug/genetic screening technologies, (2) interaction between novel materials and neural systems, (3) neural network engineering at different scales from single cell, tissue level to whole animal.

Multiscale Integrative NeuroEngineering Laboratory

02/01/2016, Congratulations to Bingzhe, our manuscript entitled “Ultrathin Mxene-micropattern-based Field-effect Transistor for Probing Neural Activity ” has been accepted for publication on Advanced Materials. [link] 

12/20/2015, Welcome Luo Xuan joining MINE-Lab.

09/07/2015, Congratulations to Zixun, our manuscript entitled “Interrogation of Cellular Innate Immunity by Diamond-nanoneedle-assisted Intracellular Molecular Fishing” has been accepted for publication on Nano Letter. [link] 

09/01/2015, Welcome our new member, Haibing, to MINE-Lab.

08/31/2015, Congratulations to Xudong and Wang Ying, they are awarded the university research scholarship for the coming academic year.

07/03/2015, Wang Ying presented her work about nanoneedle-based cellular delivery technology at ICMAT 2015, Singapore.

07/02/2015, New publication by Li Wei on Biomaterials, Remote Modulation of Neural Activities via Near-infrared Triggered Release of Biomolecules”. [link]

06/30/2015, New publication by Amol et al on Biomicrofluidics, Photoresponsive Microvalve for Remote Actuation and Flow Control in Microfluidic Devices”.

01/22/2015, Xudong’s paper is featured as cover story on this issue of Lab on a Chip. [link]

11/15/2014, Congratulations to Xudong(s) and Shiqi, our manuscript tilted “High-throughput Mapping of Brain-wide Activity in Awake and Drug-responsive Vertebrates", is accepted for publication on Lab on a Chip.

10/25/2014, Li Wei & Xudong presented their works on BMES 2014 annual meeting in San Antonio, well done, guys!

09/25/2014, Our paper about “Organ-targeted high-throughput in vivo biologics screen identifies vehicles for RNA delivery” is featured as front cover on the current issue of Integrative Biology. [link]

09/01/2014, Welcome to MINE-Lab@CityU: Zixun, Wencong, and Bingzhe.

06/20/2014, Congratulations to Wang Ying, our manuscript tilted “Poking Cells for Efficient Vector-free Intracellular Delivery ", is accepted for publication on Nature Communications.

04/08/2014, Congratulations to Li Wei and Xu Zhen, our manuscript tilted NeuroArray: A Universal Interface for Patterning and Interrogating Neural Circuitry with Single Cell Resolution", is accepted for publication on Scientific Reports.

02/13/2014, Materials Views China highlights our research on neural stem cell (link).

02/07/2014, Our manuscript, “Site-Specific Differentiation of Neural Stem Cell Regulated by Micropatterned Multicomponent Interfaces, is featured as Back Cover on this issue of Advanced Healthcare Materials.

01/20/2014, Welcome to MIBL, Junzhe!

We are actively looking for students from a wide range of backgrounds (engineering, bio-photonics, material science, and neuroscience) with ingenuity, productivity, and ability to work in a diverse, high energy environment.  Please send your current CV/resume to

Perspective students should also note the deadlines for application to CityU, and please do check the Hong Kong fellowship scheme as well:

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