Lab Members

Principle Investigator

Dr. Shi is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering at City University of Hong Kong. He obtained his B.S. in Electrical Engineering at Wuhan University (China), Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University. He completed his postdoctoral work at MIT in Electrical Engineering and Biological Engineering, where he was a Simons postdoctoral fellow. Since October 2011, he has been a faculty member of CityU¡¯s MBE department. His lab's focuses on the design, fabrication, and use of advanced micro/nano biosystems for (1) high-throughput drug/genetic screening technologies, (2) Interaction between novel materials and neural systems, (3) neural network engineering at different scales from single cell, tissue level to whole animal.

Shi, Peng    Ph.D.  

Luo, Xuan

BS in Opto-Information

Huazhong University of Science and Technology 2015

Multiscale Integrative NeuroEngineering Laboratory

Doctoral Students

Lin, Xudong

BE in Microelectronics

Sun Yat-sen University 2012

Xu, Zhen

MS in Biomedical Engineering

Peking Union Medical College 2011

Postdoctoral Fellow

Wang, Ying

MS in Biomedical Engineering

Beihang University  2008

Research Staffs

Wang, Chong

PhD in Mechanical Engineering

University of  Hong Kong, 2013










Undergraduate Students

Xie, Kai

BE in Microelectronics

Sun Yat-sen University 2013


Chan, Chung Yuen Joe


Li Wei (Ph.D.)       Postdoctoral Associate, Georgia Institute of Technology

Amol Jadhav

Yu Xudong,          PhD student at National University of Singapore

NARANG Ankit,     Undergraduate student at IIT Delhi

Huang Junzhe,      Research staff at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Bao Yan,              PhD student, University of Strathclyde, UK

Wang Shiqi,         Senior student EE@CityU


After MIBL ...

Zhang, Wencong

MS in Neurosurgery

Wuhan University 2012

Xu, Bingzhe

MS in Environmental Engineering

Northeast University 2013

Wang, Zixun

BS in Material Chemistry

Nankai Univeristy 2014

Yue, Haibing

MS in Biology, 2015

Institute of Biophysics

Chinese Academy of Science





City University of Hong Kong