Micro/Nano System based Neural Interface


As the current paradigms of drug discovery evolve, it is vital to have a comprehensive understanding of the interactions between pharmaceuticals and organismal biology. We are developing highly transformative technologies based on zebrafish model, which allow high-speed whole-animal manipulation, orientation, immobilization, imaging, and microsurgery. The goal of the project is to dramatically increase the throughput and complexity with which in vivo assays can be performed, and can potentially impact a broad spectrum of both fundamental and translational research.

High-throughput whole-organism screening technology

The ability of neural tissues to carry out complex and concurrent processes results from the organization of connections between neurons inherent in these structures. Understanding neural processes at the network level, and interactions between these circuits, is a powerful step in describing the overall tissue function. Using microfabrication, we are developing innovative technologies to address this challenge.

Multiscale Integrative NeuroEngineering Laboratory

Novel materials/structures/strategies are designed and implemented for regenerating neural tissue from diseases and injuries.


Neural Tissue Regeneration

City University of Hong Kong

Live biological components are exploited for the development of self-sustaining cellular machines and bio-hybrid systems for a wide range of applications.

Biohybrid Systems